Raw & Living Foods

Wellness is a conscious choice to continually improve our overall quality of life and health. If you are reading this, you are considering or thinking about moving toward a living food lifestyle. This is also a choice. It is a step-by-step process. When one thinks of eating raw and living food, most people think “I cannot possibly eat all raw.” It is not about becoming raw in 30 days, or becoming raw in six months, or becoming raw in a year. The journey to living a life of vibrant health is different for each individual. Living a life of vibrant health can be achieved, if this is your choice. If you begin simply by eating fifty percent raw and living foods, you will begin to see and feel the difference!! And you do not have to be 100% live and raw to experience vibrant health! I discuss this in my books, classes and retreats and soon to come webinars.

PictureThere are many, many reasons for choosing a raw and live food lifestyle. Let’s just list a few and see how that feels to you.

Live foods support a slow, constant cellular cleanse. This is very important for detoxification at a cellular level. Physical toxicity is one of the major reasons for disease and accelerated aging. Toxicity leads to nutritional deficiency, stress, and a weak immune system.

So, choosing to consider stepping on the path and making the journey to create a life filled with love, peace, joy, endless energy, higher consciousness and more, will be one of the most important, life changing, and profound things you can do for yourself.

Dr. Ann’s “Living Foods Family Journal” was the first live food newsletter in the world three decades ago. It was filled with the latest news, recipes, current events and newsworthy articles. Its purpose was to keep people in touch with one another so they would all continue to work as a living foods team to help make necessary changes in society through total health and well-being by being examples to the world. Dr. Ann said, “We need to work as a family for healthy generations through genuine and sincere interest and a strong commitment to the living foods lifestyle.”

The reality is that we can all live a peaceful, happy, conscious life through the raw and live food lifestyle. It is natural and normal.