Not So Cheddar

Recipe & Tips

½ Cup Hulled Sesame Seed
½ Cup Cashew, Soaked 4 Hours
½ Cup Almonds, Soaked 12 Hours
½ to ¾ Cup Water
¼ Cup Lemon Juice
2 Large Ripe Red Peppers (Chopped Large)
½ Medium Onion (Chopped Large)
2 Cloves Garlic
½ Cup Nutritional Yeast
¼ tsp Paprika
½ tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

Soak sesame seeds 1 hour. Drain and allow the seeds to dry in a colander while preparing the rest of the ingredients.

Place sesame seed in blender and blend until finely milled. Add almonds. Blend until ground and mixed well with the almonds. Stop a few times to mix the ingredients with a spatula. Add the cashews and repeat.

Add water, lemon juice, and garlic and blend until smooth. You may need to stop and mix again. Add red peppers and onion and blend until smooth.

Add remaining ingredients and blend once more until you have a nice smooth consistency.

This recipe is wonderful as a dip, sauce, sandwich spread, or salad dressing and makes delicious crackers.

*Not So Cheddar Cheese Crackers: pour onto a Teflex covered dehydrator tray and spread out evenly to the corners.