Letter from Viktoras Kulvinskas

It is with great honor and respect that I write words of praise for Joyce Oliveto’s “Living Simply Raw.”

I have known Joyce over a period of 30 years. I’ve spent much time with her over those years and watched her evolve not only as a mother and family person, but also in building and fine tuning her excellent social skills in addition to her contribution to the field of Living Foods Mastery.

In the beginning, her pioneering grew its foundation from the early years of Hippocrates raw food camp with Dr. Ann Wigmore and myself. Being one of her original inspirations…like any teacher, they are extremely proud and have a special gratitude when their students surpass them in any way. Joyce has done this with her loving book.

This is a great manual for both the advanced and those just discovering a new, healthy, living foods eating system. She shows you how to do it simply with a focus on the organic seeds concept. In this day and age that is a method that cannot be understated, especially since many may not have access to locally grown and fresh organic produce. We can certainly grow all our own food if the intention and determination is present in our lives. The beauty is that when we harvest the colorful bounty, we can prepare it in one of a hundred different and delicious ways so that every meal is an exciting adventure or a mysterious experiment of flavor.

Joyce has taken the traditional Standard American Diet and manifested a delightful raw food transition with creativity and ease. Now you too can experience that kind of optimal shift with her guidance and support with her cosmic and delicious recipes.

Her realm of loving raw foodism will indeed inspire one to understand what it means to give a gift of vitality and know thyself. Her book will keep you vegan or inspire you to incorporate more of a vegan lifestyle, as well as excite you to make delightful, daily meals that are alive. At the same time as enjoying your vibrant taste buds, you’ll also be healing yourself from whatever opportunity of growth you may have – be it too much fat, a joy deficiency, low energy or even cancer.

Joyce’s life’s work has always emphasized the importance of optimal health with long term results as her deeds and presence portray. And now…from the depths of her unconditional love she brings us the essence and vibrancy of youthing by nature.

Make the choice for a happier, more radically blissed experience with the principles in her book. Embrace “Living Simply Raw” and find the rawesome answer within your own life and peace will prevail within and without!!

With Love in Service…
Enzymatically Yours
We Are One
All Is Love

Rev. Viktoras Kulvinskas, MS.
Co-founder of The Hippocrates Health Institute
Author of “Survival in the 21st Century”

I have been around raw and living foods for at least 20 years. Joyce is uniquely talented as a Teacher and Chef. Her food is very special: easy to prepare and delicious!

JW Fountain
Columbus, Ohio


I really enjoyed learning how to use fresh veggies along with nuts and seeds in my everyday diet. Seeing how easy I could add this to my daily life made me excited.
I feel that I can do this now!

Many Thanks,
P. Dishan


Finding Joyce has been a true blessing to our family. She’s a great source of wisdom and inspiration… she inspired us to change our lifestyle and give raw a chance!

Maria VonBuskut
Joe & Donna Naplitano


I have know Joyce Oliveto for 20+ years, she changed my life. When I was in mid 20s I made a choice to clean up my life. Joyce was and continues to be one of the greatest sources of how to turn your body and life around. She is a wonderful soul wrapped in a beautiful being, I am blessed to call her my friend.

Natalie Sikora